Miri Maoz-Ovadia
Miri Maoz-Ovadia Miri Maoz-Ovadia, married to Shlomo and mother of Naveh, lives in Neve Tzuf. She is the overseas spokespersons coordinator for the Binyamin Regional Council. Monday 18.1.16 No comments 3254 views

A Light Extinguished Too Soon

Dafna Meir, a nurse at Soroka Hospital, resident of Otniel and mother of six, was brutally stabbed and murdered yesterday at the doorstep of her home. Dafna was a unique woman, dedicated to her children and the patients she treated. Dafna wrote a special prayer that accompanied her daily as she worked with her patients. May her memory be blessed.

From Dafna Meir’s blog – Derech Nashim:

I wrote this prayer while studying for the medication exam at the Neurosurgery Department of Soroka Hospital, where I work.

“May it be Your will, Creator of the world, who manages it with kindness and mercy, that I merit to administer medication to Your nation, Israel, who await salvation, and to people of other nations receiving the dedicated treatment of your loyal messengers, who do holy work day and night, on the Sabbath and the holidays, untiringly.

Please let me understand, know and remember always that these medications are a gift from You and work as Your emissaries.

Please let me see and rejoice at the best possible effects of the medications that I mercifully administer to the patients.

Please let me concentrate while administering medications and let me understand the way that the medication affects the disease.

Please let me notice any mistake, of my own or of my colleagues, on time, when the medication is being administered, so that I may act quickly to correct it, before the medication reaches the patient’s body.

Please let me always act with humility, learning and teaching others of the successes and failures involved in administering medication.

Please let me administer medication to patients in good health and thank you that I do not need to take these medications myself.

Please let me learn to identify with the patients’ suffering, in my own good health, and help them to the best of my ability with the tools that You give me every day and every hour.


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