Hadas Dikstein

Hadas Dikstein

Stylist, mother of four, married to Eliav. A settler from Eli currently living in the US for two years.

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Hadas Dikstein
Hadas Dikstein Sunday 7.8.16 No comments 1463 views

From the West Bank to the Wild West

Born, raised and educated in Israel, in a typical Jewish home, I really thought that the concept of Jewish identity was something that begins and ends in Israel. Yes, Diaspora Jewry is important, but the real deal is what’s happening in Israel. Then, almost two years ago, a job offer landed on our doorstep for my dear husband, and we decided to bravely accept it, despite our apprehensions and fears. We felt that it was a sign from heaven that we were being called to set out on this new journey...

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