Michal Peretz

Michal Peretz

Michal Peretz, mother to six children, is married to Yissachar. She lives in Shvut Rachel and is an actress, playback performer, and teaches acting and creative writing workshops for children, youth, women and senior citizens.

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Michal Peretz
Michal Peretz Sunday 15.11.15 No comments 2101 views

Time to Grow Wings

Nיכל פרץ 3.jpg To try to have your cake and eat it too. To be a good, giving, warm, loving, caressing, embracing mother. To try to realize my potential and listen to the creativity I feel shouting inside of me – put the pedal to the metal! Express yourself, fulfill the dream, develop, don’t be afraid. To try to find the balance, to try not to beat myself up about the imperfect things, to drive out the guilty conscience...

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